Moments of Ubuntu

There are times,

most times,

between the spaces,

when we have,

I believe,

moments of gratitude,


in the open spaces

of amphitheaters

designed and built

both long before and after our time.

There are times,

I think,


within the moments,

yes, not in the spaces in between,

when our hearts swell,

and we know,

if we could only bag up and box,

the love before us,

there would not be one more thing we need to accomplish.

Have I shared with you,

the smile,

on a child’s face,

when they turn at you,


Have I shared with you,

the millions of times,

within my home,

we say,

I love you?

not to get something back,

but because it is.

Have I shared with you,

my mortal fears?

the understanding,

that our rights to love,

as humans

are fragile.

They are…..


not by our decree, but by,

the whims,


egos of others.

I do not blame them.

Because to do so,

is to blame them,

for not having been loved,

this way,

the way that is beyond denial,

for those within its circle of warmth.

I wish for you today,

a better moment,

a better today, to build,

an even better tomorrow.

I wish that we,

as humanity,

would not let,

our brothers and sisters fail,

not now,

not ever,

but lift them up,

within our arms of collective consciousness.

Every child gone wrong,

every adult,

with a finger pointed at him or her,

is still the child,

no I don’t mean,

we excuse behavior that hurts one another,

i mean,

we raise a village,

we stop it before it begins,


Peace to you today.

let us know what we can do,

if you don’t,


we will wish you had.

14 thoughts on “Moments of Ubuntu

  1. Hey you: thank you so much for visiting my blog over the weekend; this is absolutely beautiful, and so fitting and accurate as a description of Ubuntu…….. glad to read you, and will be back to read more!!! peace, Vanessa

  2. Your words resonate with such energy! I believe that every human being feels gratitude at levels where they are aware and unaware. I like your way of expressing how people sense moments of gratitude “between spaces” of time. People are not always aware of when or why they feel gratitude, but the emotion is familiar and growing.

  3. “if we could only bag up and box,

    the love before us,

    there would not be one more thing we need to accomplish”

    You express wonderfully how good it feels, this ubuntu, this unconditional love. It is really simply love, isn’t it? No other word would be needed – except that we’ve come to use ‘love’ to describe something else.

  4. You said it Simon!

    Vanessa: why am I getting the feeling you are abundantly kind?

    Liara! So good to see you again. I like, that you sensed, the energy. Peace to you.

  5. Tobeme: Always a pleasure to see you stop in. Peace to you tonight.

    Gypsy: Painting your words here, they are expressions of kindness. Namaste.

    Sibyllae: Have I mentioned? Yes I did, love the layout, design of your sight. Thanks so much for stopping in today. Hugs right back at you.

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  7. Wow that was beautifully written; so abundantly truthful – those aha moments when we really experience love . . . really understand the connectness of it all . . . The wishes for all humanity for a better day today, so that we can build a better tomorrow. Thanks . . . Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . . CordieB.

  8. Dear Friend,

    I met one I lost in one I loved like you express, a parcel of preciousness. Thanks for putting it out here for me to caress while my ubuntu is a mess. K

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