Obama, Obama, Obama, a Day of Tribulation and also of shame

I write with mixed emotions.

I personally am ecstatic with America and the world’s choice for Obama.

Yes, we have woken up from this deep sleep.

Yet, in many states in this country, we have been awake and still asleep, voting to ban “gay” marriage.  What is “gay” marriage?

Marriage is a willing union of hearts.  It must not be defined by gender or sexual orientation.

I am sorry, I cannot write more as I am deeply saddened by this, this seemingly ignorant action on the behalf of human beings in 2008.

“Hope” is a universal word.  It is not intended and not defined for the few.  How dare we, how dare we, crush good people’s dreams?  Is it easier to do so when it is not black and white?  Is it easier to do so when it is approved unions vs. those that are not?

By whose laws do we take such actions to deprive our brothers and sisters of what we so willingly take as ours?

Raise Up!  Vote to ban hetersexual marriage, let’s see what kind of reaction that gets.

Again, I’m sorry, but this is a sad, sad state of affairs that we would, as enlightened human beings, vote down love.


17 thoughts on “Obama, Obama, Obama, a Day of Tribulation and also of shame

  1. On a day where one group breaks through the ultimate “glass ceiling” , another is cut off from a most basic, fundamental personal right. Gay “relationships” are not illegal, it is shown and discussed everywhere and in all media in this country. What then, is the problem?

    I wonder what percentage of the black Americans voting for Obama also voted to deny the gay and lesbian community a privilege that they too once were denied in this country.

  2. In all the celebrations of Obama’s victory, this vote on gay marriage has been overlooked, and it is indeed to be lamented. But no path is ever straight and even. There are always ups and downs. I really believe that we are headed in the right direction. Given time, all ignorance will fall away, and we will no longer wish to deny others their heart’s desire.

  3. I still can’t believe it, when I heard about all the different laws people are voting on I was sickened. In my mind that decision should come from up top, should be shown to all that the WHOLE country says “love wins”.

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  5. I also believe that the road will have ups and downs, and this is not the end of the equal marriage story. What sickens and saddens me even more is the laws that forbid us from being foster and adoptive parents…….

    There is a serious shortage of foster and adoptive homes in this country, yet we would deny capable persons from opening up their homes and their hearts??

    Arkansas should be ashamed……

  6. I receive a note from a good friend and former business partner who said that a close friend of his, whom now is passed, always felt that gay marriage was on a 100 year plan.

    Almost six years ago, in the most unbelievable of circumstances, brought the love of my life to me. Through the best and worst of times, and there have been some very tough times, we remain best friends, business partners, parents, because we are NOT of the same gender, husband and wife.

    I am deeply sadden anyone is denied the same privilege my wife and I have.

  7. I too am saddened; I voted against such a law in Virginia when we voted in the Primaries. It was also passed here unfortunately. I did not know there were laws denying foster and addoptive parenting by homosexuals. That’s really, really sad. I have heard on the black radio stations recently that a counter bill should have been introduced and that a counter bill may have prevented this terrible injustice. Anyone know what thet are talking about. Anywho . . . in any case it is very unjust. We must not give up hope and I’ll continue stressing rights for all people, especially gay people since their rights seem to be left out so often.

    PLL, CordieB.

  8. @CB. I don’t know what the percentage was; but I assure that I nor my immediate family were among them when this legislation was put on the ballots in Virginia. We are saddened too.

  9. @cordieb.
    I don’t have a number (percentage) I can site directly, but a recent NPR broadcast suggest the percentage was indeed abysmal. Apparently, the demographics of voting age black Americans does not bode well for gay-rights initiatives. In the same NPR program, a caller spoke of the experience of his male partner who went to California (from NY) to volunteer for the effort. He was very disappointed to see that the vast majority of those around him also giving their time and money for the cause were NOT from the gay or lesbian community. Complacency it seams, may have been the opposition’s biggest asset.

  10. I too was ecstatic with Obama’s win, but saddened for my gay friends.

    I am in Florida and I believe, P-2 passed by 52%. I do feel that in time this too will change. If nothing else, the results have stirred up conversations and brought attention to this discrimination.

    Someone I know said..if marriage is as they say..then make divorce illegal. Imagine, would that stir things up!!

  11. If anyone here is a “Christian,” you would know that the gay lifestyle is blasphemy. The fact that gay unions cannot lead to the birth of a child gives a biological reason why such unions are not natural. Some things are plain and simple and no matter how you might want to rationalize with self serving and yes perverse reasoning, they are still not right.

  12. I hate to keep this thread continuing. . . as everyone is entitled to there point of view. However, I am a Christian, and blasphemy has nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuality. Blasphemy, as discribed in the Bible is the only unforgiveable sin and it means to know god; yet damn god. In otherwords, only one who knows God yet still damn him are blasphemous. All homosexuals are not Christians, and those who are do not damn God – otherwise they would not be Christians.

    Laying religion aside . . . I believe that marriage is an inherent right of being a U. S. citizen; thus to deny anyone the right to marry goes against the 14th ammendement – ” …. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” and to mix religion with state goes against the 1st amendment, free exercise of religion.” Many Christians and other religions believe that the bible or other religious doctrines prohibits marriage by same sex; but if one’s individual church or religion believes otherwise, then those persons should have the right to marry or they can be married based on no religion at all. When we allow the state to intervene on anyone’s right to marry, and the underlying cause is due to religion, we are opening a can of worms whereas those ammendments have no value what so ever! Whether one believes in same sex marriage or not – is up to the individual. But when we vote to allow the states to make and enforce laws prohibiting such, we are in effect allowing infringement on all of our rights. Under the 14th ammendment, all citizens have the same rights, not just straight individuals! I don’t believe that married couples should have better tax breaks either though. If two people choose not to marry but live as a couple, they should have the same tax breaks . . . that goes against the 14th ammendment too!

    PLL, CordieB.

  13. to all:

    All I can say is this…………love is the only message Jesus truly proclaimed.

    To say otherwise, is blasphemy.

    Love cannot be put in a box, love transcends all definitions and is pure by its very nature.

    Societal boundaries, conveniences, they deserve to be reviewed and realigned, but not love.

    Peace to all of you today, all are welcome to leave comments, but you must know, if you leave comments not centered on pure love, there is not much chance I will agree with you.

    Surface Earth

  14. @Lynda.

    There are many Christian men and women that marry knowing that they will not produce an offspring – either by choice or because of some physical limitation of one or both. By your definition then, such unions could also be viewed as blasphemous. And it often was. Perhaps today you may not draw the line there but through out recorded history such unions did not fare well in the eyes of both the Church and State. Yes, a blasphemous union and not surprisingly, the man was never to blame.

    Until the 1980s (?), Australia, a predominantly Christian nation, prohibited the marriage of whites and Aborigines – that country’s native population whom at that time were not even legal citizens. Any child born to such mixed race lived in fear of being removed from their natural parents. Apparently, something about that “lifestyle” appeared blasphemous. All those idiots (I’m being kind) who hid under white bed sheets whilst terrorizing innocent people in our south also thought the union of Whites and African Americans blasphemous. Did you say perverse reasoning?

    History confirms that the real challenge to the deprived and under served minorities of any society is to enlighten enough of the majority to be sympathetic and champion their cause, and by doing so, be the agent that transforms their society into something much greater than the shadows cast by its past – whatever the past. Even if all you know of history is the experience of America in just the last 50 years, we all should know better than most in the world. This, the humble opinion of an American by choice, Christian by birth, white by genetics, and enlighten by the good fortune to have been raised in a family with a cornucopia of colors.

  15. Everyone,

    I feel two needs.

    one, to stand by and quietly watch your hearts unfold.

    two, to stand up, stomp my feet and applaud you for seeing what is yet unseen, the continuation of putting our fellow humans down, and what right, what right, do we have? who really do we think we are to judge in such a manner?

    i hope you hear my hands applauding you, God, Jesus, Mary, none of them would want discrimination and putting others down, that is only man’s convenient interpretation.


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