Selling on line?

Hi there regular readers & friends.  For any of you that have any online stores, would you mind jumping over to the Surface Earth Store and giving me your thoughts on design?  It’s still in the process of being put together, but would love to hear back from a few or many!

Surface Earth store

Peace, light & blessings.

Surface Earth

3 thoughts on “Selling on line?

  1. well you know how i feel about cafee press. Just wish there sizes ran true, and well, other stuff but Lets not go there!
    I love your art,( A LOT!) and I like that you have it out there.
    Wish I knew something about web design, but thats not me…
    2 cents..

  2. I love the designs. The design I was drawn to immediately had no products displayed yet. . . it’s the one entitled “Who was I” It really like that design . . . quite captivating. Great start . . . also try –

    PLL, CordieB.

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