I’m Alive

I’m Alive,

and I know this,

because I think, I breath, I feel.

I feel.

What is feeling?

What is it to walk through life,

wondering if anyone else knows what you and yours are going through?

Does it matter to daily existence?

I think not, because if it did, there could never be human unkindness.


The Resolution, Jack’s Mannequin


4 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. Hmm…I need to think about this.

    While, I agree there is an abundance of human unkindness….what of the acts of human kindness?
    I see human kindness every day…often in quiet anonymous ways. Human kindness in abundance, in small and in large acts.

    So which of the two acts matter most?

    You always make me think.

    Thank you for BEing a light…you are one of the acts of human kindness in my circle.

  2. Ah gypsy…I agree there is so much kindness, undoubtedly.

    Enreal: peace, I have been known as the one that sees the dandelions rather than the cracks of the sidewalk, I get it.

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