When a heart breaks, does it have a sound?

What is the sound,

of one heart,


One heart,




What is the sound,

can there be,

when no one outside of yourself

can hear it?

Or is sound,

an image,

something transfixed,


into gesture and face?

Can we hear the sound

of a heart breaking

in visual imagery?

Imagine this,

if you will,


through a moment in time,

when life becomes reversed,

when the difference,

between what is and what isn’t,

is no difference at all,

where there are no lines.

Imagine if you will,


in fact,

the wrong look,

the wrong intonation,

the wrong laugh,

and imagine,

that is all it takes

to make you into

the other.

What is the sound,

of a heart breaking?

What does it mean,

to be the other?

Who must you be first,

where must you stand,

to call


of your brothers

or sisters,

the other?

May peace be with you.

Surface Earth


3 thoughts on “When a heart breaks, does it have a sound?

  1. {{{{hugs}}}} When we begin to relate to one another, through eyes that are Eternal, then we begin to recognize and realize that whatever we see another do and whatever we hear another express, some where in time and space we have expressed and done the same.

    How we relate to another, is how we relate to our ‘self’, too,

    And for that reason, I share that I had to learn to love my own Humanity, because I could embrace that same humanity in others.

    Blessings to you & yours this day SE.

    Notice the *new* energy coming forth into expression?

    The farmer opening up his field to anyone who wanted to come pick, the man at Walmart who paid for his purchase then paid $20 towards the purchase of the woman and child behind him, the coffee drinkers at Starbucks, paying in “backwards”…

    Sadly so, but it takes ~crisis~ for us to start tapping into our Divine Heritage.

    But it’s coming out now.

  2. Also beautiful. I have heard that sound, and felt it..I didn’t understand it until I experienced it in meditation. Does that make any sense at all?

    Thank you for sharing your heart!

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