Mumbai: Attack of Innocents

CNN reports on the attacks on innocents in India.  What would Ghandi say now?  I am not making light, I am serious, very, very serious, how can this be true?

It starts, I believe, with the ability to see others as less than ourselves and it morphs to such grand proportions that it becomes something that hits the news and strikes us again and again, in headlines.

None of this should be true, but I have always been one to not spend a lot of time on should, or at least try not to, because should connotes lost time in the past.

I ask tonight for the only thing I can think of:  prayer.  Ask everyone you know to pray and pray and pray………at least until we can figure out something more swift.

I am probably not unlike you, I see this and say, where is God?  where is love?

I could struggle with an intellectual debate on the issues, but that is not helping all of those hurting, shocked, damaged people.


4 thoughts on “Mumbai: Attack of Innocents

  1. In this horror, i read between the lines in the video that is being shown, and reports….people who where hurt, but in the middle of chaos others picked them up the hurt and injured without thinking of themselves..and tried to get them to safety..the terrorist that did this did not win any goal tonight. my prays are with the killed and wounded..

    -A brotha from D.C

  2. This is a horror, true, but by no means an exception in history – not theirs, nor ours. I have no empirical evidence to draw on, but I suspect this is all but common place in the history of societies throughout the ages, for whatever reasons – religious, political, superstitions, just pick your poison de jour. In our modern times, most especially now in the age of always connected “Internet society”, information is immediate and because peoples of the world are so well dispersed, wherever the tragedy hits, it hits “close to home”.

  3. Brotha from D.C:

    Sounds like you have a deeper connection via your family. Ours is simply spiritual, not believing in this day and age we can do this to each other. We welcome your words, inspired and keeping us thinking about those that picked themselves up and continued in the chaos, without regard to their own safety.

    you are welcome here. we look forward to checking out your own messages.

    Surface Earth

  4. CB:

    if only the fact that this has historical ramifications…could suffice to explain this madness.

    It does not.

    There is no exception, no explanation, nothing that can make us understand hurting another, making another less than who we breath and believe we are.

    Peace & light,

    Surface Earth

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