The Many Faces of One

Are we ever just this one thing?

I think not.

Unless we only evaluate in the space of frozen time.

My girl, my prior header on my previous design blog, she shines; yet, I changed her time and time again. I have photos of her change, all of which I have not posted.  it was an expose of moments and I dared to paint and repaint the canvas.

The point is, none of us are ever just one thing, and when we judge others, we freeze them in time.  We see an encapsulated moment, while still, perhaps, allowing ourselves evolution.

Ah, so now what, my friends, now what?  Shall we move on?


5 thoughts on “The Many Faces of One

  1. I can do the dance
    I can change
    I struggle with it
    other times I fall into it
    I look at photo’s of the child
    the girl
    the teen
    the wanderer
    and wonder
    was it the ride that made me?
    the winding road that took me and tossed me?
    or was it all there?
    at the beginning, like a book
    waiting for each page to turn..
    I keep wondering

  2. Beautiful, and true….. the older I get, the more that I realize that I am a different person with every moment……… I evolve and grow and change and shrink and continue to BECOME………

    Thank you for this….. 🙂

  3. It could be both, Sorrow. Time only exists from our limited perspective. From the point of view of timelessness, of eternity, both of those understandings could be true.

    I think your girl looks happier now, SE. It’s nice that you’ve given her the opportunity to smile.

    A friend of mine has the policy of always treating everyone as though she had just met them for the first time, without any preconceptions. I think that is a wonderful way to be. I wish I could be as open in mind and heart!

  4. Sorrow: Yay! Lovely! “…was it ride that made me…”. I will be reflecting on this………..

    Cordie & Vanessa: Blessings! You leave such wonderful energy here.

    Simon: nice to see you again! Ha, you are right, the girl herself does look happier, beautiful observation!

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