Forgive me
in advance
I know not what I do
at least
in the moment before doing.

I stumble on this path
sometimes realizing
what it is
what I have said
what I have done
to hurt you.

i think sometimes
out loud
but on paper
or would that be
the blank canvas of this page?

So often
i let the words
and run
into my
my moments
not seizing them
not taking them hostage
making them
account for themselves.

without reason,
i grab a pen
or a keyboard
and make them
make themselves known
to stop
the cycle of words

they now
to ask,
why would I want
to be them?
Heads bowed
backs bent,
against and under
the weight
arms draped down
anguished leather
of fingers pricked
and worn
under a machine
within dark enclosed space
the only sky
the sound
someone counting,
and again,
the worth

7 thoughts on “Forgive

  1. How many times have I wished my own words were in those little bubble caption thingyies…that I could reach out and grab, before it burst and the other person heard them.

    Awesome piece.


  2. Hi Surface Earth 🙂

    When reading this poem I loved what was said, “I know not what I do, at least in the moment before doing”, to me, these things are the things that are already forgiven:) if a need is felt to be forgiven at all. And the last part of the poem feels you took on the feelings of a seamstress in a factory questioning their selfworth, their focus on the tic toc of a clock.

  3. Leafless: Welcome! Glad you stopped in.

    Grace: always good to see you again. Yes, wouldn’t it be lovely if we could at times burst those bubbles!

    Tumel: nice to hear from you! Hope all is well. I like your reflections on my words above, you’ve got me thinking.

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