On Life

Today, like most days, I wonder at this matrix we casually refer to as the internet.

It is the “net”, no?

Nets contain, don’t they?

I search for news and find myself circling myself. Whether by the words I use to start the queries or by my inept attempts to hunt, I find myself circular.

The crazy thing about remaining circular is that you may not always realize you are hitting walls, because the walls are soft and bend and seemingly appear to give flexibility to movement.

With that said, I ask you, how often do you step out of the box, out of the circle?

Now I realize, I may not hit the right tags for this post, often I do not tag just to antagonize the Gods, but I may not hit the right ones to hear from a big enough cross-section of YOU.

I wonder how long we will remain as we are, willing participants in someone else’s mode of being?


16 thoughts on “On Life

  1. Hi Surface Earth 🙂

    What do you mean, when you say you find yourself circular, that you always come back to yourself? this would be a good thing though would it not? and the stepping out of the circle or box is the questioning we do? if this is so, then I think to do this a lot:!

  2. Hi Surface,
    You know it’s not just the net that I find a circular pattern. Silly to say I find that in my life if I don’t move one. I find myself in similar situations as if I didn’t learn what I should have learned from the first time. And I try, really I do to step out of that circular circus but that way that you say which is soft and flexible with movement, it also gives you an illusion that you’ve escaped….

    Ah life…

  3. SE… what can I say… I have missed your words and ponderings… circular existence… that is our state of being, our state of mind… it is funny but most cannot see this due to the limitations of the mind. It is the limitations of our sight, as simple as seeing the horizon as an edge and the earth as flat… perhaps we shall one day step out of the box, perhaps one day we shall fall off the edge of this state… for now, On Life… maybe we shall be fortunate enough to be able to think… and see the matrix.

  4. Enreal: ah, aren’t you a treat? thank you for your lovely words and encouragement. I think the limitations of the mind are fascinating, I think of the tribe in Brazil that allegedly had no human contact until so within the last year. Was their world any more or less real due to perception? 😉

  5. Tumel: if we live in a world constantly influenced by what we bring to it, how to escape the vortex? i.e. I do a google search, but don’t the words I use to form my query influence my search results?

  6. I feel the words we use influence search results as well Surface Earth, and I feel the energy we give to these words or the focus we give when making a query affects results as well. It is like we already know the answer to the question, just maybe not aware of it so we attract it to us by making the query, sending out energy through our fingers on the keyboard to do so and responding to the answers that come up that feel the most right to us.

    I am not so sure about escaping vortex’s or what exactly vortexes are, except that it is energy but if I compare them to tornados, or water going down a drain effortlessly they feel more like a pull than a push, like we are being pulled towards something. We are flowing to something. If we are energy as well, than maybe we are little vortexes too and we are not meant to escape, by trying to escape we push away from the pull, we fight it, instead of going with it? or some such:) maybe the key is to do what a tornado does, let drop what is too heavy for us to hold at the time, keeping within us what is lighter or what we are able to carry as we travel along our way:)

  7. Ah Tumel, “flowing to something”, I think you have illumanited what my thoughts were, with a positive spin. I like this comment so very much. I need to read it several more times again.

  8. Nothing stays the same with time comes change. We are evolving and creating our tomorrow. I don’t think of it as a circle,with our limitations comes and infinite challenge. The internet as we know it is already history. I don’t see it as a net but a window, if your willing to look.

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