Query: perceived reality

If I were to dream but then awake
yet hovered between the two
would it be the time awake
or time asleep
that was more true?


9 thoughts on “Query: perceived reality

  1. ToBeMe:

    I don’t know, I think they merge. Have you ever had the moments in the alleged dream state that play themselves out in the day to follow? was the dream the rehearsal for the alleged waking moments? why then does it seem we are more awake when asleep?

  2. When dreams converge with realities, and realities blend with dreams, it is the time the spirit takes form to roam to places the body has not been.

    Blessings, SE. It’s been a while. Hoping all is well!

  3. Interesting query… I suppose I would have to choose dream state… that is where I often am… and that is where I would choose to be… isn’t life a perceived reality anyway?

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