The shopping cart …

I went shopping for food. Attempted to pull into space but every time I did, another car pulled through the spot from the other side of the aisle. Ok I thought, let me back up and take another spot. Cars didn’t seem to wait so I gunned it and cut it quick.
Got the shopping done. Very peaceful and went out to car.
Woman starts to yell: “you’re kidding me!”
Cart was against her new or maybe just clean car, (no, not my cart!).
Oooh – she looked like she wanted a fight. I ducked in my dirty car very quickly because you see – I normally park by those little cut outs in the lot where you can load up the car and ditch the shopping cart in a secure area so it won’t be running amok in the lot. Now that’s not to say I’ve never been desperate and haven’t propped the two front wheels into the worn down garden intersection, crossing my fingers, hoping for the best and leaving. But you see the lady that was mad didn’t wheel the cart anywhere secure. She pushed it away from her car and the next lady to pull in had to stop the car, get out and move the car to clear room.

I thought, this is it – its about what we do with the shopping cart and how it affects those that follow.

Life can be just one shopping cart passing hands in good moments or bad but effecting the whole.


7 thoughts on “The shopping cart …

  1. ha ha. . . keep the golden rule in mind, dear SE. I know it’s hard sometimes. . .

    Sometimes I feel that I must do unto others as they do unto me, just to let them know how it feels, thinking that awareness might change there wicked ways. Nothing’s further from the truth! Lucky for me, everyone else and the universe, I don’t practice that rule often.

    PS. Not too long ago, I pulled fast into a space, hit a cart that was left in the space…the cart rolled into the vehicle on space in front of me. . . and the vehicle’s occupant literally cursed me out and almost resorted to homicide. It was an accident for me, I didn’t see the cart until it was too late. Luckily, his girlfriend or wife calmed him down, or I would have been dead over a cart accident. So, we don’t know the havoc we cause when we leave our carts in the middle of parking spaces, do we???

    PLL, C.

  2. I always leave the carts that need quarters free after shopping with them, sometimes I wonder who will come upon it, will it be one who can’t find a quarter? or the worker that must round them all up? or will it be another shopper who says after, I will leave you free as well:)

  3. That is one thing that really annoys me. Loose carts in the parking lot. It IS all about the cart, and the statement it makes that my time is more precious than yours, I can’t waste it putting things where they belong.

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