Asking for Advice

Many times when asking for advice, some of us start out, not realizing we want our own opinion or belief confirmed.

Then, we become frustrated with the person speaking to us that we sought out to begin with, the unwitting victim.

Next time you seek advice, seek counsel from yourself first, ask:

what is it I’m hoping to hear?
what are the chances I will hear what it is I want?
Would it be better if I just recorded my own voice to play back the words as often as I desire?



4 thoughts on “Asking for Advice

  1. Oh, I am so laughing at this,
    Your words are so wise, but I know so many,
    who could/would find a justification for their need to be parroted, by some one other than themselves..
    this was just wonderful

  2. Great wisdom my friend… though sometimes through outside knowledge we hear what we are meant to hear… how willing we are to listen is how strong we are to let go to ourselves…

    I will agree that deep down we do know what is right…

  3. Sorrow, I can hear your laughter, it is lovely! Thank you in turn.

    Enreal: ah, a different type of strength, never an end to the thinking process is there????

  4. Yes, listening to others and not judging them is wonderful and if you learn to do it you will get amazing results. I love to listen to others because I learn so much about how people feel and what they want. Thank you for sharing this. I love coming here it is always so interesting.

    I have something for you at my site so come by and see.

    Love and Blessings,

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