Hypocrisy, not infidelity, is the career killer for today’s politicians.

Surface Earth is posting, the following, from an contributing author:

Sex continues to unravel many political careers, so much so that I submit we are painfully bored by the news unless it details news ‘off the beaten trail’. For example, I submit for your consideration Larry Craig, the Idaho senator whose “wide stance” whilst using the public toilet led to what he characterizes as a “miss understanding” of his intentions to an undercover Idaho State Trooper. The latest tryst exposed for our entertainment is the republican governor from South Carolina, Mr Mark (don’t cry for me Argentina) Sanford.

Thankfully this time there was no adoring wife looking glazed eyed like a deer facing the oncoming headlights of a truck, standing by her man praying that the unfolding events now in the public eye can be watered down enough to save her dignity and thereby all the comforts that her husband’s position affords her and her children. Can we get a collective “you-go-girl!” shout out?

Now for all the recent banter in the news media of yet another politician caught pants down with a wayward libido, it well likely be the hypocrisy of Mr. Sanford’s behavior, rather than his tryst with an Argentinian woman, that will do him the most political harm.

For most politicians, adultery remains a formidable hurtle to overcome, unless of course you are Bill (“I did not have sexual relations with THAT woman“) Clinton or are in political office in Italy (Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister has admitted to having numerous affairs, including an 18 year old girl – he is 73) or Paraguay (president and former Catholic bishop Fernando Lugo admitted to fathering one or more illegitimate children) in which case an affair or two with younger women may actually be a good thing (no pun intended).

Perhaps its not the skirt chasing tendencies of some or our elected officials, or as the former New City Mayor Ed Koch put it “he (referring Clinton) has a zipper problem”, that is of issue with most voters. Perhaps it is the sheer hypocrisy, that in-your-face finger waving and do as I say not as I do audacity that really eats away at our patience and inspires the masses to light their torches and sharpen their pitch forks.”

-Surface Earth columnist: CB


8 thoughts on “Hypocrisy, not infidelity, is the career killer for today’s politicians.

  1. Hmmm
    I could grumble…
    but I fear in the face of political garbage
    that i find them all to be a bit to slimy for my palette.

  2. It seems like there is more and more of this going on when in reality I think it has always been happening we just didn’t hear about it. In days gone by it was taboo to talk about this let alone have the news media blast it all over the country. I don’t know which way is better because I am sick and tired of hearing about it.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. AngleBaby: We just watched a rerun of last nights Comedy Central Colbert Report where he mentioned some of the same events in this post in the context of their hypocrisy. Titled “The Clinton Curse”, it was clearly meant as spoof on the recent republican indiscretions, but also spoofs the readiness of the media to discuss intimate matters to the ad nauseam.

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