Real World Principle of Relativity

In physics, the principle of relativity is the requirement that the laws of physics in the observable world have the same form in all admissible frames of reference.

Now observe this photo of two little girls standing on the balcony of their home in Rafah, Gaza Strip – their observable world.

From one admissible frame of reference, this is an example of unbridled retaliation on a long suppressed population unable to defend itself.

From another admissible frame of reference, the view will state that Qassam rockets were launched from this area into their defenseless civilian populations killing innocent women and children.

In the real world, both sides of “relativity”, it seems, have their reality.

Even “relativity” itself, for a lack of a better term, is relative. For example, if even one these “holes” found its way into a wall of my home, I can be forgiven for, saying kindly, being beyond anger and acting accordingly. Taken a step further, suppose one of these holes did not just lodge in the wall of my home, but found its way instead into the chest of one of our daughters or our son, or their many friends that often frequent our home, what then must I and my neighbors be forgiven for? For loving our own, for avenging innocence?

-Surface Earth columnist: CB

It is a slippery slope my friends, we must decide where we stand. To not stand, is to not live. Namaste.

7 thoughts on “Real World Principle of Relativity

  1. That is one harsh reality for a little girl, harsher still is the fact that they are used as pawns by Arabs, Jews, Persians and Palestinians alike.

  2. I see and feel only hopelessness in this photo, nothing of a promise or hope spawned of an enlightened and caring world

  3. Ah, it’s good to find you are still here awakening minds, hearts, and spirits and inspiring a deeper thought process. You are consistent, in the best kind of way.

    ♥ MM ♥

  4. I don’t know what to say, it is sad, more so that we can’t or won’t or don’t do anything to change it. Can we really say, believe and live that anything is exclusive to itself? that the children standing there stand there only because of their nuclear family dynamics and not because of the larger world? that what we do and don’t do, year after year, century after century, does not come into play?

  5. Found this article to be very important. There are so many things in life we try to rationalize, define… explain or make explanations for… when in turn, every which was is the same… this may not make sense… but it does to me. Thank you for making me think! [outside of the box]

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