The Red or the Blue Pill

Was it the case of all humanity being asleep when President Obama asked us: ….the red or the blue pill…?

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*btw: don’t even get us going on those of you out there that call President Obama, “Mr. Obama”, he achieves the highest office of the land and we can’t consistently give him the accolade of PRESIDENT? Please, we are asking all of you, stop calling him Mr. and stop calling the beautiful Michelle Mrs., it is time, call them what they achived: PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY.



10 thoughts on “The Red or the Blue Pill

  1. WIth reference to the above i think that this is totally correct. Support the man who is leading us and he will lead is to great heights in the future


  2. Sad but unfortunately true. As the only person of the bunch who did not commit any act of stupidity, she caught the brunt of some mean media and public remarks. From my perspective, she didn’t let it phase her. As she knew she did the right time and she knows her heart. As for drinking beer with the boys, I doubt that she feels compelled about doing that either. I applaud her integrity and lack of stupidity in this whole matter! Thanks for the article, SE. If I had a hero of the month, it would be her. Might just start one up! She’d be a super first feature! PLL, C.

  3. Sorry, I posted the above into the wrong article. 😦 I shall cut and past into the correct posting. Hope you don’t mind! As for the red pill blue pill – in this case, I think the blue pill is the correct pill; as the red pill stands for deception and overpricing to the public and the blue pill stands for truth and integrity in pricing. Anywho….. my luny matrics thoughts. PLL, C.

  4. And why was Ms. Nosy Neighbor unfamiliar with those neighbors? I call her actions neurotic and fear filled. Just like the boys…

    A tempest in a tea cup, that’s all it was/is.

  5. I do apologize {{SE}}. That comment was meant for your other post related to the beer fest. In terms of responsibility, none involved were being responsible nor accountable at all.

    As for health care, I can guarantee that those of us against such a reform…are going to find ourselves very sick in the future. It’s one of the “walk a mile in another’s mocassins” issues before us at this time.

  6. Ah dear Sue! Welcome. I think that the sad part is that she was attributed to saying/doing what she didn’t and media apparently raced with it. One more reason not to watch the news?


  7. Yes Ma’m! Thought the same myself. Thought the same, wow, almost exactly. I watch the news (I know, I know) and see these people arguing and say, suppose circumstances changed, then what? How hard it is to bring ourselves to a point of global perspective w/o judgment and simply compassion.

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