“She” can’t have a beer with “the boys”, because …

Henry Louis Gates, James Crowley and Barack Obama (“the boys”) hoisted some cold suds on the South Lawn of the White House today in a carefully orchestrated event for the whole world to experience. This was, as the White House called it, a “teachable moment” on race in America.AP NEWS: Beer Sumit We couldn’t be happier for them, you know, the boys – for they have suffered so much.

And the “she”? That would be Ms Lucia Whalen, the woman who made the call to 911 concerning the home of Mr. Gates and (quite frankly) the only one of the four that acted like a responsible adult from beginning to end in this whole schoolyard-like affair. So, herein is the real “teachable moment” learned by Ms Whalen (and perhaps us all) – NO GOOD DEED SHALL GO UNPUNISHED.

After being being reviled in the blogosphere and pilloried in the mainstream media as a bigot, the flow of the B$LLSH$T quickly reversed when the recording of the 911 call by Ms. Whalen proved she never stated the race of the persons she thought may have been intruding into her neighbor’s house. Indeed, Ms Whalen volunteered no racial description at all. When pressed by the police dispatcher to describe the two men, Ms. Whalen said “one looked kind of Hispanic, but I’m not really sure.” She also added “I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know if they live there and they just had a hard time with their key, but I did notice they had to use their shoulders to try to barge in.”

For this alone, is enough for the world to call Ms Whalen a bigot, the Pandora responsible for setting the chain of events, the turmoil that flowed, that became the focus of late-night jokes, captivated the disdain of the world and was responsible for these three grown men (“the boys”) behaving like schoolyard boys (i.e., stupidly).

The Eve to Adam’s apple, that is why she can’t have a beer with the boys.Getty Images: LWhalen

-Surface Earth columnist: CB


14 thoughts on ““She” can’t have a beer with “the boys”, because …

  1. I suppose I should pay more attention to the news, but I don’t and I wont. For mostly reasons stated here in.
    I never understand things, never see them the way they are “suppose ” to be seen, or the way society see’s them.
    It’s the same at school, you know, kids are taught that the person that tells on the person doing something wrong is that “bad” one.

  2. She can’t have a beer with the boys because she’s not a boy. Remember the Main Stream Media portrayed Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton, & Sarah Palin NOT as politicians with ideas (like their male counterparts) but as women with an axe to grind. You could say Quayle, Gore, & Dukakis to people and all they would do is chortle. Yet speak any of the ladies names above and Tar will be boiled & Feathers gathered. Hence they never had a chance. Lets face it. This country would rather have a string of loser male Presidents than just One competent woman President.
    1).-The Media will burn down ANY woman that tries to leave the kitchen.
    2).-Americans believe everything they see on T.V.

    Sorry for ranting but I think it’s so damn foolish. Dobry.

  3. I followed this story on CNN and noticed the tone shift in regard to this poor woman. One day in particular stands out…one of CNN’s talking heads shouted “…and it’s clear the woman never mention the men were black and she [meaning the caller] isn’t even white, she is Portuguese!” I should tell my father that CNN does not consider him or his children white (we are Portuguese). Racial profiling is pervasive in society.

  4. It is amazing to me that the president of this country got involved in this, why? There are lots of other things that he should be taking care of. Yes, race relations are important but come on we are in a mess here in this country with our economy, our schools and our infrastructure. I am happy he enjoyed his beer with the boys but look at what happened to Ms Whalen because of this. She was just being a good neighbor nothing else and she was crucified because of it. It is just not right.

    Love and Blessings,

  5. I completely agree AngelBaby…and with SE, clearly an example of “no good deed shall go unpunished”, although I don’t think it had anything to do with the caller being a woman.

    Enough about her…anyone with any advice on how I break the news to my parents that CNN says they and therefore their children are NOT WHITE?

  6. Added a bit more after reading other commenters comments on this without wondering what does a pill have to do with the bear gathering issue. 🙂
    Sad but unfortunately true. As the only person of the bunch who did not commit any act of stupidity, she caught the brunt of some mean media and public remarks. From my perspective, she didn’t let it phase her. As she knew she did the sensible thing and she knows her heart. As for drinking beer with the boys, I doubt that she feels compelled about doing that either. I applaud her integrity and lack of stupidity in this whole matter! Thanks for the article, SE. If I had a hero of the month, it would be her. Might just start one up! She’d be a super first feature!

    As for the commenter who feels race relations are not important enough for such attention, I must disagree. I think we need to stop putting our heads in the sand regarding a lot of problems in America, including race relations. Peace, Light and Love…C.

  7. Polar,

    Yes. Funny, isn’t it? When politicians are presented, there is no qualification of gender until they are noted as a woman.

    you are not ranting, you are telling it like it us, sorry that so many would see that as ranting.

    We have such a long way to go, why is it I feel that our ancestors, many centuries removed, maybe had it right and we screwed it up thereafter?

    I hear people on the news speaking about going back to the Constitution? Well, ok, I applaud the gentlemen that worked and tried to set forth rights during that vacuum in time, but hey, many ethnicities and women, regardless of ethnicity, were not seen to have equal rights.

    Wow, think of it, a woman was discriminated upon without regard to ethnicity and only due to gender! God forbid there was an ethnic, cultural or religious strike against her also!

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