A Lion Passes

Senator Edward Kennedy (1932-2009)
[Photo Credit: AP]

In regards to civil rights, health, and the economic well-being of the average American, few elected officials anywhere have accomplished as much.

No real life is flawless, and his was no exception. The difference in Ted Kennedy was that he did not drown himself in self-pity, would not quit when many told him he should and his heart never stop beating for his passion. As a result of his passion, our nation and the treatment of its people by their government, is a far better place now then when he first arrived in the Senate 47 years ago.

-Surface Earth columnist: CB


5 thoughts on “A Lion Passes

  1. I agree SE, no life is flawless. However:

    If anyone else was thrown out of Harvard for paying someone to take their exam I doubt he/she could get elected to or be able to stay in national office.

    If anyone else had driven off that bridge while drunk, resulting in the death of a young woman, they would be charged with homicide, not just leaving the seen of an accident.

    Ted Kennedy may have accomplished at lot, but he did so ONLY because he was given a second chance, a third chance, and many more.

  2. Thanks for this lovely post, SE. I choose to take this moment to honor Teddy Kennedy for all the deeply caring things he did to help shape this nation and all the people he helped as a result. He became an amazing and effective legislator – and learned the hard way there is no perfection…sometimes you just have to dig in and change what you can and keep going to change more when you can. And since I agree his family and wealth gave him chances others would not have had…I will also take this moment to honor giving folks second and third chances. đŸ˜‰

    Peace out and in.

  3. When I read this news, I saw a little quote with it “Sail on Silver Bird”.

    It reminded me of these words in Bridge over Troubled Water

    “Sail on Silver Bird,
    Sail on by,
    Your time has come to shine,
    All your dreams are on their way…”

  4. Ronnie:

    Thank you for stopping in, your insight is always valued. I agree in giving “chances”, without same, he never could have made such accomplishments.

    Tumel: Lovely. Truly lovely.

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