Do No Harm

I reflected today on that simple phrase: Do No Harm.

I realized it would be a lottery ticket for the human race.

If we were to all adopt that mantra, breath and live it, we could re-balance the world.

I had been driving home from a meeting and was thinking of the state of the world. Thinking about the fact that ‘griping’ does little more than add more negativity (believe me, I can ‘gripe’) and I thought of the pure wisdom in the phrase ‘Do No Harm’. Instant winnings.

I of course digressed, suppose we strove to do the right thing only it turned out to be the wrong thing? Where would we go to find a point of reference? Again my mind turned to the phrase: ‘Do No Harm’.

I’m not trying to be redundant, it is occurring naturally. It is so very, very simple. We don’t have to worry about right or wrong if we follow those three little words.

I sometimes am dragged down, beyond my own bent for believing in the positive, and become saddened at the horrendous things that occur against humans, against animals, against the planet. How naive we can be to think we know much of anything. This whole limitless; yet, maybe self-repeating universe beyond us, what is it that we think we know? Can we truly believe we know anything as we sit and breath and live and laugh and love as even one human being, let alone, one child, goes harmed in the same moment?

I’m not much about division. I think that as I lift the fork to my mouth in celebration of a good meal, there is someone, somewhere, that cannot do the same, and to me, it makes no sense.

I find my comfort today in the words: Do No Harm.

If we all believed and lived this, I think, a lot of the ‘bad’ would take care of itself.

Now there are so many ways we could distort this, I don’t think you have the time or the patience for me to go through the variations, so I leave us with the simple import.



5 thoughts on “Do No Harm

  1. What if there is no harming? What if…

    “harm” itself, is an illusion of our Personalities that our Souls know nothing about?

  2. I ask, simply because of the way certain subjects work. Like the subject of ‘enlightenment’ for example. It actually and genuinely does “harm” to our illusions and is the basis of the statement “the truth hurts”.

    I actually agree with you SE, that being “right” is not enough, for “right” is not always Loving.

    My idea has been to apply your intent of “do not harm”, expanding a bit to “do no harm to the public welfare” and make it a requirement for Incorporation. Right now, all it takes to become a corporation, to be granted that p r i l e g e by a state in the name of the People of that state, is to be dedicated to pursuing profit.

    And that’s it…a corporation can pursue making profits in any way that corporation chooses.

  3. True Sue. There are of course standards (legislation) and common law (opinions of the court), that set standards for the acts of those that are incorporated. I suppose it is a bit like the armchair general or Monday night quarterback, coming in after the pass.

    I find that the only true thing I can definitively say I believe in, well perhaps two “things” if you will, are love and compassion. The rest to me are compartmentalized versions incorporated with judgment.

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