To judge or not to judge? Is that even an appropriate question?

To judge connotes disregarding the flaws, the weakness, the humanity in others.

To not judge, may suggest, to those struggling to survive, allowing others to take advantage.

Is there a bright line rule?

Is it possible to live in the spirit of pure love, whose necessary components are a lack of judgment and forgiveness?


4 thoughts on “Judgment

  1. We have been taught from early childhood to judge others. Judging has been a long standing model for us. Although many religious dogmas attempt to teach us not to judge, the world we live in seems to be all about judgment and we fear if we do not judge, then we will somehow be hurt. What does a judge do, a judge hears both sides of a case and then passes judgment on right or wrong. I believe that when we unconditionally love we can love without judgment of ourselves and others. This does not mean we throw caution out, it does mean that we don’t judge others and withhold our love because of what they have done that we consider “bad”. Love does not judge, love does not have a list of who is naughty or nice, love simply is.

  2. Tobeme,

    Thanks so much for responding. When I posted this, I was hoping for your feedback. I image in there is to be a grand awakening, we will no longer struggle with the issue of judgment.

    Best to you.


  3. Enreal~!!!!

    I am doing an almost New Year’s dance, so wonderful to see you here!!!!

    You embody the effort not to judge, your words on your site transcend parameters!

    Blessings, blessings.


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