The Hand Beyond the Smile

My hand has hovered
the other
part of me
that wells up
and steps beyond
the limited figure
I portray

In a moment
of unguarded joy
I smile
my lips stretching across my face
my unapologetic hand
lying loose
at my side

11 thoughts on “The Hand Beyond the Smile

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! And The Kiss before, breathtaking! Oh, it’s so good to read you again. I’ve been gone far too long!

    I’m most taken with the sense of unguardedness…or a vulnerability brought on by Joy.

    Truly lovely!

  2. Ah, (*sigh of pleasure*) it sure is good to see you back posting and writing prose. You have the gift, wordsmithess, of drawing the reader into your ‘moments’ of awareness, clarity, and “unguarded joy.”

    Love and blisses,
    Momma Moon

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  4. Hi there Jingle.

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