What is the worth of a woman?

Weeping Girl & Daughter #1

Image by Evil Cheese Scientist via Flickr

What, I ask you, is the worth of a woman?

Can it be measured against the force of a clock,
stuck into a wall,
ticking against time and perceived accomplishment?

Is it to be given compliments
as to the shape of a body or a countenance that draws glances?

Or is it the longer view,
the sound of her voice
without regard to physicality?

Is it two half moons
she wakes with

each day beneath her chin; yet,

above the mid-point of life?

Is the worth of a woman
to disregard herself?
To take herself lightly
in pieces
in jokes
in half smiles?

Decorum.  How charming.

Or is her weight
that can not measured
in present time?

Not the
the deprecation
of her soul nor diminishment of the purity of her heart


The unbidden, unguarded

Pure moments

In whispers

Where her soul drops as golden tears upon the ones she loves


6 thoughts on “What is the worth of a woman?

  1. Dear Jingle,

    Thank you for stopping in and taking time to leave an imprint. That is our goal, to scratch the surface, often times, in a very rudimentary fashion.

    Look forward to seeing more of your site.



  2. The last line of this piece really grabbed me…as a woman who, occasionally and sometimes frequently ;-), wonders at her “worth” in the world.

  3. 🙂

    Dear Grace,

    I doubt there is anything we can tell you here, that you have not expressed yourself, on your blog(s), but at any rate, we will take the compliment as it arrives!!! Best to you dear heart, the very best. Namaste. S.E.

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