“Like the Weather”

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Are there many of us,

that believe,

we are who we are,


through the moments?

I would rather stay within the parameters


maybe unintentionally

by Natalie Merchant and the Ten Thousand Maniacs

So I ask,

is there really anything else I have to add,

I say, yes and no, I only ascribe words for those that hear

I say again, softly,


when we take our time to strike against another,

we devalue ourselves.

when we take the time to realize

that every single word we utter

and the thought that precedes

has an effect

than we may,

just may begin to understand,

how we came to be….


we want to remember

nothing in our souls

we chose to forget

it is the inbetween time between

now and never….

I have lost my thoughts,

have you lost yours?

that is the point of stillness.

Namaste, my friends.


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