Writing & Blogging

We are all writers here, we all sit before our screens and compose words onto these pages, not knowing who may come across the pages.

I have met and encountered fellow bloggers here who take great care in how their words will be received.

I can almost see them there, fingers hovering above the keyboard, the pause filtering the mind, wondering, how will this be received?  How will it impact?

I bow my head to all of you who put such words on this virtual paper, caring what those words will do to us.

Collective Consciousness: The Impact on Humanity



I was feeling dull today. I listened to the news, watched the news, surfed the news, and tonight I saw a tagline: What Would Happen If Everyone Cared?

I felt something shift inside. After all, isn’t that the secret I most cherish, the one I most chase? What would be the impact if everyone cared?

CNN, yes, again CNN, has provided me with something that aligns myself with hope. The quest: What would happen if everyone cared?




I clicked on the link and found Resources on how we, the little people, can help others.

I don’t know about you, but I do wonder about what happens thousands of miles from my home. I also wonder if there is someone I could be helping within a few blocks. That is the aim of Surface Earth. To eventually launch an easy way to help each other within towns and then let the strength of towns spill over. In the meantime, we search to see how others are helping each other, day after day, and today, we were struck by the CNN tagline: Impact Your World.