So many times, I receive a text or an e-mail and the only reply that comes out of me is….”sigh”.

It is not a lack of compassion, empathy or other words of caring, it is the end run of words that can better fit the emotion sent.

Have you had these moments? These weeks? These months or years?

Your heart in your sleeve, but no words fit?


Yes, Stephen, there is a God

I read today a quick link to Mr. Hawking’s belief that there is not Heaven, or at least not Heaven in the way we conceive same.

I disagree, but then again, I don’t have the intellectual capabilities of Mr. Hawking.

I believe, simply, that the unexplained is the unexplained, and because we cannot explain it does not morph it into non-existence.

Can there be a cure for physical ailments?


Do we know how to cure everything?


That does not mean “cures” do not exist.

Hats off Mr. Hawking, I think God would like to have a word with you.

In case God is busy, perhaps we can take a moment and digest Mr. Colbert’s viewpoint:


I’m wondering,
why do we post,
why do we blog,
why do we share?

I’m not sure I need the answer,
but I do believe,
that there may be one.

so in this moment,
I think,
is there really anything I can say
that cannot be said by another?

I believe,
without doubt,
the answer is no.

The Fractured Sky

The sky is fractured

It has broken

Over the limbs

Of black trees cast against the sky

That appear dead

But that always

Pulse with renewal

Blue against the white, the scattered gray

We sit

Carry on

As if there is nothing

Beyond this one view

Is that why the sky re-assembles itself

To remind us

Of what we

Do not see?

Love is Magic




Take a moment, there is no greater truth, seriously, just breath and bring it in:

Have you ever taken a day that is just full of love?

Despite whatever else you and yours may be battling?

I wonder at times,

the power of love,

the absolute integrity of love,

the humility,

of what is to love unconditionally…

those of you that have been here for years will forgive me in advance, I know that about you, and the God in me honors the God in you…

for those of you new to SurfaceEarth,

you may find a labyrinth of thoughts, emotions,

beliefs, principles….we do too, do not be surprised.

what we do impart is true humanity, even though we have not yet lived long enough in this life cycle to fully understand what it is we are saying,

rather, we seek to impart only the words that fall from the shackles of everyday living,

the pieces that exist

and or co-exist despite external influence,

the moments when simply just living,

is truly the greatest honor,



we are where,

our souls are most pure.

we live these days, don’t we?


are we on the right track?

within the proper moment?

Who is to know?

We only know when our guts resonate, when there is calm, when it is, IS.

Check out this important link to help children and their families

The Mists

Standing on the front of the white

of the mist

that is rolling

and covering

and blanketing


as it twines to gather

the pieces


stepping back

unwilling to be seen


encompassed and wrapped within the moment

when today

can be different than any other moment

to be shielded

to be held against the tide of time

to feel

for a moment

the opportunity

to breath

God’s Children or Children of God?

What if we were to live in constant and conscious recognition of the fact that we are all God’s children?

There may be a chance that we would unburden ourselves and others from the weight of feeling that we must sit in the throne of judgment.

Imagine, if, as we encounter others encountering us, we look through a different set of eyes?