Yes, Stephen, there is a God

I read today a quick link to Mr. Hawking’s belief that there is not Heaven, or at least not Heaven in the way we conceive same.

I disagree, but then again, I don’t have the intellectual capabilities of Mr. Hawking.

I believe, simply, that the unexplained is the unexplained, and because we cannot explain it does not morph it into non-existence.

Can there be a cure for physical ailments?


Do we know how to cure everything?


That does not mean “cures” do not exist.

Hats off Mr. Hawking, I think God would like to have a word with you.

In case God is busy, perhaps we can take a moment and digest Mr. Colbert’s viewpoint:

One thought on “Yes, Stephen, there is a God

  1. Idiots…
    As programmed by our society, “men” are “developmentally disabled” in accessing other dimensions in the first place but with our ego’s insecure as they are, when men do happen to access a tiny bit, they tend to make a BIG DEAL about what little they have managed to bring back and integrate into their conscious awareness.

    Delusions abound about other dimensions, all revolving around a central perception of these dimensions being physical. lol

    The so called :laws of physics” are not laws; they are theories and every single one of these theories has changed and been replaced throughout history. Stephen Hawking may be an intelligent man, however intellect is not wisdom. I rather doubt he has actually done any inner work on his psychological states of mind. And it is only through these states that the other dimensions can be accessed and realized.

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