Shirley Maclaine, Sag-ing While Aging

Well, I’m hoping this falls under the Fair Use Doctrine, I’m pretty convinced it does. So I’ll share just a quote of one of the four books I got myself today, because, to be truthful, I’m always reading more than one book at once and as many as I can get my hands on.

So without further ado, a slight excerpt, a cut-away…I give you:

As I look back over my life, as my mind wanders freely over how I’ve lived and loved and protested and questioned, I realize that aging well isn’t about the search for happiness, but more about quietly feeling content with what I’ve experienced. Loving without caring too much, you might say. And more than anything, I’ve come to appreciate the value of conflict. Everything isn’t always meant to be light and love. The dark times, the conflicts, that’s where real learning can happen.”

-Shirley MacLaine, Sage-Ing While Age-Ing; Atria Books, p. 4, copyright 2007.

Update:  November 19, 2007:  O’Reilly & Ms. MacLaine square off on this flat planet

9 thoughts on “Shirley Maclaine, Sag-ing While Aging

  1. Thanks SurfaceEarth my friend. Right on. I’m not as old as she is but I can testify to feeling many of the things she seems to be writing about – at least from the excerpt you shared here.

    I’d make some additions on some of what you shared here with us (of her writing) but – don’t really feel it’s my place to do so.

    I hope all is well with you. (How can you read so many books at once? I’ve been trying to read two but I’m always torn between the two so am sticking with the novel which isn’t so dry.)

    Peace, love and understanding.

    ~ RS ~

  2. Hi {{SE}} !

    It’s ALL about emotional flexibility, versatility and adaptability. It’s all the ‘negative’ experiences a lot of us try to protect ourselves and our kids from, that actually nurtures the Divinity within us to grow into expression.

    At age 51, a cycle comes into play. Whatever we’ve filled up the pot holes of our life with before that age, is what we get to live with for the rest of our lives.

    Mulitple books at the same time? Gee, definitely not for me, I’d get all flustered. I will read one book a day though, for several days in a row. That’s the way it goes with books around here. There is no book store in town and if you want to read, you have to order it delivered. So I always order several at a time.

  3. Ruby, Ruby..yes I too have not yet reached that age, but will celebrate when I do. OOOO, intrigue, send me the information regarding her other writings via email, I have a contact link at the top of my page.

    Sue Ann: flexibility yes, it’s beauty in motion!

    And all: did I mistype? Here’s what I meant, I buy a bunch of books when life is good, if they are not “novels”, I sometimes jump between them, maybe when I should have said is I adore reading and read at any chance I get, whatever the subject for the most part. love different perspectives.

  4. Soon to be 50, I’ve come to appreciate the wisdom I’ve acquired via the “saging” process. I have an unusual affinity for Shirley b/c I, too, have been around this earth many times. I remember and have visions of a lot of my past lives. It’s fascinating & I summon the images of more and more and more…. You learn so much about yourself and about the insecurities we drag around from the memories carried into this lifetime. One must dive delightly into the depths of self discovery… it is confronting, unsettling and painful, but definitely enlightening. Once you are on that journey, you can never go back. I, too, read multiple books at one time, gleefully shuttling back and forth while in bed at night. My paisley journal lying nearby to be completely ravaged with revealing prose of my insights and musings. These types of books have changed my life.

  5. Herman! Lovely to see you back again. Yes, cool word she came up with!

    Karuna: What a lovely flow of thought you have shared. Sounds like you have a few books to be written yourself. Thanks for stopping in, we have enjoyed your visit greatly!

  6. Thank you, Surface Earth. Why yes, I do have several books in my head. I just have to nail down the one to make its delicious debut to the world first. 🙂 Appreciate very much your kind words of encouragement. I need them. Blessings and light! KarunaDelMar, 091814

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