Shelley helping the kids, the innocents, in India

Many of you may have read Shelley Seale’s article, posted a few days ago here, The Weight of Silence….

Now maybe you may take a moment and watch her video on these utterly beautiful innocent souls, and if you do, maybe you will pass it on and on, and stop at her site and buy her book.

It starts now.

Shelly & her kids

4 thoughts on “Shelley helping the kids, the innocents, in India

  1. Hello SurfaceEarth,

    I watched her video first, it showed to me what she saw or felt, that it is in the children, where the beauty of India or future of India lays. Our wish to help is to show these children that there are choices I feel and to donate to this is a beautiful thing. It would be what I wish for all children. I will buy her book, I would love to read the stories the children had to share, their thoughts, their perceptions, and I am glad there are millions of children, the more there are, the more hope there is as well, so I would wish to donate for the care of them too:)

    I liked her postscripts at the end as well SurfaceEarth, especially the ways we can be more consious shoppers, it is similar to what I have read of buying locally as much as we can, and it brings awareness to even though India is rich in resources and export, these riches do not seem to shared locally.

    Do you remember the memi’s? SurfaceEarth? You should begin one where maybe every month or two those that wish to follow it would give up something, maybe even a thing not bought locally, or maybe just one little thing that is not really a need. And what is saved is given to the one who began this mime, for them to send on behalf.:) I would follow yours:) for I know you would send it to these children of India.

  2. Astounding. I referenced your article to help spread the word. LOVE TO YOU! (PS: Sent you mail – took a few days as I was locked out from a browser issue). 🙂

  3. Tumel:

    Thank you, thank you.

    What courage and inspiration she shares with us, amazing, no?

    I like your idea of the “meme”(?) I will put that idea “under construction”!

    Peace to you, spread the word.

    Surface Earth

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